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DrFan is a new and most unique fan control software for Apple iMac computers running Windows OS via Boot Camp. It has the best-ever
auto mode which considers both CPU and GPU thermal sensors, as well as the super-convenient (literally one-click) manual RPM control.
DrFan is donationware. Please consider to become a contributor and support the development if you really enjoy the DrFan. Thank you!


DrFan is THE fan control utility of choice for both the gamers and professionals who utilize the CPU & GPU heavily. DrFan automatic mode considers all thermal sensors together (not just CPU or just GPU) and intelligently adjusts the fan speed, so that under any load your iMac remains as cool (yet as fast!) as possible. It's THE automatic mode Apple should've had created, but we all know, they never would... Apple logic is, in fact, almost a disaster: first it waits for whopping 97-98 C in silence. Then it prefers to lower the CPU and GPU performance instead of kicking the fan in. There comes DrFan! Whether you choose the DrFan automatic control with user-adjustable CPU and GPU temperature limits, or fully manual mode, you can be perfectly sure: your iMac will neither overheat, nor degrade the performance because of throttling anymore.

You can get the latest version of DrFan here.

Attention! DrFan is designed only an solely for
Late-2012 to Early-2019 27" Apple iMac computers.
Please note that Space gray iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini,
and Apple laptops (entire Macbook series) are NOT supported.

DrFan software is copyright 2020 forBootCamp.Org. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.